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19 Apr, 2012
Click HERE for more info!! Or, if you already did and are reading this full article, ignore the above. First of all, congrats!  You have chosen to get married in the best wedding location in the country; at least that's my opinion, but I'm always right.  So, before...

folder Alternate Venues (6)
Places to have a ceremony or reception that don't fall into another category; i.e. no traditional chapel, not a restaurant, not a resort, etc.
folder Bars & Clubs (9)
folder Bachelor(ette) Parties (5)
This area is for information useful to those planning bachelor or bachelorette parties in Vegas; or stag/hen parties for our friends from the UK.
folder Casinos (3)
Strictly gambling-related
folder Catering (8)
Caterers and bartenders for private room events, particularly in-suite receptions.
folder Chapels (27)
This category is for information specific to chapels; some of these articles may also be found in other areas if a chapel is part of a resort, for example.
folder Clothing
Regular, wedding, rentals, etc.
folder Conventions (1)
This area is for information related to Las Vegas conventions, as they can often affect Las Vegas planning.
folder DJ's & Music (7)
folder Entertainers (2)
Elvis (of course!), singers, bands, etc.
folder Floral (2)
Flowers, centerpieces, etc.
folder Hair & Makeup (15)
folder Honeymoon
folder Hotels (i.e. sleep-only) (1)
This category is for information on hotels in Vegas, not resorts, not casinos, etc.; just a bed and pillow.
folder Marriage License Info (3)
folder Officiants (7)
folder Paper (Invites, STD's, etc.) (3)
Vendors who can help put together Vegas-themed invites, save the date's, etc.
folder Photos & Video (3)
A listing of known photographers, videographers as well as tips on wedding-related photography in Vegas such as locations you may want to shoot at and issues to watch out for.
folder Planning Tips (23)
folder Reception Add-Ons (4)
folder Reception Gifts (1)
folder Rehearsal & Welcome Dinners (2)
folder Rentals (5)
Vendors who can help with rental gear for weddings and receptions; i.e. furniture, linens, equipment, etc.
folder Resorts (Gaming) (19)
This category is for information on resorts that offer gaming.
folder Resorts (Non-Gaming) (3)
This category is for resorts that do not offer gaming.
folder Restaurants (21)
Las Vegas restaurants; mostly those that are useful for receptions and meet & greets, but some that are just kick ass in general.
folder Shipping To/From Vegas (1)
From booze to wedding dresses; info related to shipping things goes here.
folder Shopping (4)
Places to go on a shopping spree in Vegas!
folder Things To Do (13)
Whether you're an occasional visitor or a Vegas regular, there's always something new to do. You may also want to use some of these ideas for wedding websites so your guests have some things to check out during idle time.
folder Transportation (10)
folder Vegas Knotties List (1)
folder Vegas Tips (3)
Just some info on how to have fun and save money in Vegas
folder Weather (2)
folder Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes (7)
folder Wedding Coordinators (3)
folder Wedding Dress-Related (2)

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