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(!) Fast and/or VIP access to Vegas clubs

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Last updated: 02 Apr, 2012
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Posted: 20 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 02 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.

I know this is going to sound too good to be true, but several Knotties have said they used it and it actually works, and as of March 2012, I can confirm this; here's the website:

Basically the way this works is they can send you passes in advance that will often get girls in free, or, for guys, get you on a guest list to let you skip the line and get girls you're with in free.  Certainly better than waiting for an hour.  They have VIP access deals too if you plan to buy bottle service, etc.

The only requirement on your part is that you have to go visit one of their partner clubs at the Palms as your first club visit; after that, they will get you into other clubs for any following nights.

They're extremely responsive via email; I had wanted to plan out several nights of clubbing in March 2012 as I was staying there a week, and Chris gave me a proposed list of clubs for each day based on what type of music I liked.  Unfortunately my suitcase with all my dress clothes was stolen from the airport at arrival so I didn't end up contacting him again until the second to last night we were there as I didn't have any clothes to wear until I bought some new stuff.  Anyway, I emailed him while at dinner at N9NE asking about Ghost bar; while we were still at dinner, he got us on the guest list.  I didn't have a chance to use him for any access the following night as we were already at Mix for dinner and decided to just got to Mix Lounge rather than clubbing.  Will try him again in June when we go back.

Some additional info; they also have a great list of nightclubs on their site:

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