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(!!) Hougan's Racing Sandwich Shop

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Last updated: 07 Jun, 2016
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Posted: 31 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 07 Jun, 2016
by vegasgroom.

EDIT: Business closed :-(


Contact Info:

  • Phone: (702) 538-7546
  • 1310 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. Suite 105 Las Vegas, NV 89183

Pricing and services: 

Okay, first and foremost, they do cater, so if you're having your wedding at a Vegas resort and need to feed your wedding party, you're having an in-suite family reunion, in-suite meet and greet or something similar where you just need a casual bunch of subs, etc., this is your place.  So, with that being said:

Please go to this restaurant for a great meal if you're in Las Vegas and tell them the guy with the stolen luggage sent you; my story about that comes further down and you can even see a picture of me on the wall with the owner along with the newspaper article about the whole ordeal.  I'm not recommending them just because of that though; their subs really are great and depending on what you order, they're made with real meat, not cold cut processed stuff.  For example, chicken and turkey are both real chunks of chicken or turkey; I'll include a picture of my chicken sub below.  And if you think you're hungry, the 9" sub will probably  be more than enough, although they offer a 12" sub that would probably feed a sumo wrestler.

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  • vegasgroom (March 2012)

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My opinion:

Okay, so here's the LONG story about why you should use Hougans.  My wife and I flew to Vegas in March 2012, our first trip back after being married there in June of 2011 at Mix Las Vegas.  When we arrive on a Monday, we position ourselves near the Southwest missing baggage claim office to the left (buses & rental car shuttle side) of the first baggage claim belt after you come down the escalator.  Well, two of our three bags show up in the first ten bags off the plane, which makes sense since we were coming in on a connecting flight on Southwest via Texas from Tampa and our bags probably changed planes last.  Well... only two of our three bags came around the belt.  We waited until the end and it didn't get any better; no bag.  I went into the office and filed a claim for our missing baggage; it was at this point I learned that Southwest does no real scanning of luggage so they had absolutely no clue where our luggage was, it could have been in Tampa, maybe Houston, maybe Vegas.  Just a personal note; Delta, who I fly a lot on for work, scans bags at origin, going onto the plane, coming off the plane and going to baggage claim, so you can track where your bags are from your phone, but at the very least, they know if your bag made it to a particular city versus Southwest who apparently has no clue where your bags are.

Anyway, night time comes and goes and it's the next morning.  Fortunately for me, the suitcase that ended up missing was strictly my dress clothes, i.e. my tuxedo (that I happened to wear in Vegas at my wedding nine months previous), several suits, numerous dress shirts of a particular name brand, shoes, ties, etc.  So on the plus side, I still had casual clothes to wear around Vegas for shopping and fun, I just couldn't go to dinner at any of the restaurants we had planned or go clubbing.  Out of the blue, a phone call comes in from a 702 number I didn't recognize.  Thinking it was Southwest, I answer it; well, it's not Southwest, it's Chris from Hougan's Sandwich Shop.  She tells me that she's in possession of my luggage tag and a mangled suitcase padlock.  Apparently what occurred is a particular person came into their shop on a Monday night and was acting a bit sketchy while waiting for his food.  Due to that fact, Chris and Ruth reviewed their security video after he left and found him trying to surreptitiously move something from his pockets into the restaurant trash bin.  Based on the video, they went into the trash bin to see what he had dumped after he left, which ended up being my missing suitcase's luggage tag and lock.....

My luggage tag had my phone number which is how they were able to call me.  They had also called the police. My wife and I, interested in finding the perpetrators, decided to drive down to Hougan's from our hotel.  Chris and Ruth were there and could not have been nicer.  An officer from the Las Vegas Police Department, Ofc. Bianoco, was also there at about the same time to review the video.  After they showed their video to Ofc. Bianoco and he took down some information, he left but my wife and I decided to eat there due to how helpful they were given this horrible situation, and they also let us view the video of the piece of sh*t who had stolen our luggage.

The chicken philly sub that I ordered was incredible; it was made with big chunks of real chicken, cheese, onions and hot peppers (by my request).  My wife got the same thing with mushroom added; she loved hers as well.  So when I say that you should patronize this business, it's not just because they deserve it from a "doing the right thing" perspective, but their food speaks for itself.

After we ate our food, we called several local pawn shops thinking if the perpetrator ate there, he probably lives or works close by.  We went to those shops, and while none of them had any of the merchandise that had been stolen, they all gave us the name of several local second-hand clothing stores that might be places to try since they didn't purchase used clothing.  Well one thing lead to another and my wife called one who gave her numbers of others and on the very last place we were going to try, Mustang Xchange near UNLV, they reported someone had been trying to sell MY tuxedo and suits a few hours earlier.  At this point we were already back at Las Vegas airport filling out the police report on the stolen luggage so we handed the phone to Ofc. Bianco.  Here is the best part.; apparently this low life didn't like what Mustang Xchange offered him for MY clothes, so he left his name and number for the manager to call him back the next day.  One thing leads to another and Ofc. Biano called the criminal on behalf of Mustang Xchange and offered him a greater amount for my suits, the guy just needed to come back in to drop them off and get his money.  

Well, that panned out and this loser shows up with not only most of my stolen goods but that of several other victims.  Instead of the increased pay-out, he gets handcuffs.  I got most of my important belongings back, i.e. my tux from our wedding, several expensive suits, my shoes, several shirts, etc.  I'm hoping Southwest Airlines comes through on the remainder; will update if they do.  Apparently, his roommate was involved in this stolen luggage business as well so he was busted too doing things like returning people's stolen merchandise to Dillards for the no questions asked refund policy.  It was just completely ridiculous what these two guys were doing, and now they're off the street.

Anyway, not a single bit of this would have been possible if it had not been for Hougans, so my wife and I will be visiting them every single time we come back to Vegas to get a great meal.  Hell, they even tried to force us to have a lunch on them that first time we visited; only way I could pay them was by leaving cash in the tip jar.  They are a 100% classy establishment deserving of any business you can give them, two real low life criminals are off the street as a result of their efforts and most of my stolen merchandise was recovered through their efforts.  I will sing their praises all day long, so please try to stop by if you can.

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