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Last updated: 30 Oct, 2014
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Posted: 20 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 30 Oct, 2014
by vegasgroom.


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Pricing and services: 

Bellagio has numerous wedding options from traditional indoor chapels to outdoor weddings in front of their fountains to a huge covered patio overlooking the pool.  They of course also have numerous ball rooms of any shape and size that can be customized any way you like; just a matter of budget.

Some specific information I've gathered:

  • I have been told that the fountain wedding ceremony is limited to about 25 people due to the size of the patio that overlooks the fountains.  It may also be a standing-only ceremony but I have not received confirmation on that.
  • Their chapels, at least as of early 2011, were very traditional in look; if you want a modern or contemporary look, you probably won't like their options.
  • Their large patio on the west side of the pool can hold I believe 300 people, and it is adjacent to a very large indoor ballroom, so if you wanted to have a reception that involves both an indoor and outdoor feature, such as cocktail hour post-ceremony on the patio and then move inside for dining and dancing, they can make it happen.  I've toured the attached ballroom and a notable feature is that it has video projection onto a huge 20 foot screen, so if you wanted your reception to include video, etc. that would be possible.
  • They are, unfortunately, one of the Cashman crew; i.e. if you get married in their chapel, they'll force Cashman photography upon you; more on that here.

Photography ALERT:  As of fall 2014, I've been made aware that they have gotten a LOT more aggressive about kicking third party photographers off the property, so this could make for a bad day if you're using them for wedding/reception and trying to not get ripped off by using Cashman.

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My opinion:

My wife and I looked at the Bellagio as one of the 20 or so vendors we considered.  They ended up being our #2 choice.  What really sold us on Bellagio was the incredible attention to detail and thorough responses their coordinators would send to questions.  We visited in person and were given as much time as we needed to see all there was to consider.  They run a really top notch operation and left us with a feeling that whatever we chose to go with for our wedding and reception, they would pull it off without a single issue.  Just for reference, we were not going to use their chapel as it was not large enough for our expected guest count, so we were going to customize a ball room for the ceremony and then a different ball room for the reception, while having the cocktail hour on their grand patio overlooking the pool.  They gave us detailed quotes on all the costs involved, we came up with some meal options, dance floor, lighting, etc. and they were able to get whatever we wanted.  Our choice to not go with them actually had nothing to do with them, the venue we went with simply had the advantage of being 64 stories in the air and having an incredible decor; if that had not worked out, the Bellagio would have been our choice.  Maybe with some pressure, they'll ultimately allow their chapel customers to bring in their choice of photographers instead of forcing you to use Cashman; we'll see....

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