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Last updated: 05 Jun, 2013
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Posted: 23 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 05 Jun, 2013
by vegasgroom.


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Pricing and services: If you're looking for information specific to weddings, see the Bellagio entry in the chapels section.  Regarding the hotel side of things, they are one of the nicest resorts in Vegas, but be prepared to pay for that.  Even the base room on off nights will be upwards of $150/night, typically getting closer to $200/night.  Don't forget, as part of MGM Resorts, they will also hit you with a super obnoxious 'resort fee' for $25/night + tax for a bunch of things you don't car about to begin with.  Recently I've discovered they have also added another revenue generating option where you can pay $30/night more to guarantee yourself three selectable room attributes, including:

  • King Bed
  • Queen Bed
  • High Floor
  • Low Floor
  • Near Elevators
  • King/King Connecting Rooms
  • Queen/Queen Connecting Rooms
  • King/Queen Connecting Rooms
  • Non-Connecting
  • Early Arrival

I guess if you absolutely wanted those options you would want to pay for it, but $30/night....  hmmph.

Anyway, now that I've beat them down, I'll build them back up so they're not insecure lol.  The Bellagio's real claim to fame is their service and quality, not their pricing.  They are one of the top resorts in the country, let alone Vegas, they're incredibly attentive and all their rooms are extremely nice.  Everything has been incredibly clean whenever I've been there.  They also have some of the best restaurants, and, their buffet is the best in Vegas bar none; it's simply something you have to experience.

Their grounds are as immaculate as their hotel; everything is clean and well manicured.  Of course you can't mention the grounds without talking about the fountains; their world famous water show along the strip is probably the most photographed feature of Vegas.  Although if you're staying across the street in one of the cheap hotels with poorly insulated windows and have to listen to it every thirty minutes, that can get old lol, but it does stop at midnight.

Now, wedding-specific info; the current consensus is that you probably don't want to try and throw an in-suite reception at the Bellagio on your own; i.e. don't tell them and bring in your own vendors.  The issue is that the larger vip/penthouse suites are located behind some nondescript doors off the gaming area, and this area has Bellagio staff working there to assist vip's.  You also need a room key to access those elevators.  Trying to sneak vendors and guests through could prove difficult.

There is a club/bar/restaurant there called Hyde that you can book for private events; it has a great view of the fountains from the back, not the street, which most people never get to see so it can be interesting.  As of summer 2013, they have a $50/per person minimum to get reserved tables during happy hour times, and a $2000 minimum if you want a sectioned off area.  Night time prices are likely much higher.

From a gambling perspective, Bellagio has all the normal games you'd find at any good casino, but seeing as how they cater to some mega wealthy, there are some less common games you may not always find, like baccarat.  Unfortunately their house minimums also tend to be pretty high; for example, I've never seen a craps table below $25 minimum.

So with that being said, I guess it's a bit unfair for me to complain about their pricing when Bellagio is not about price to begin with, it's the experience and I'm sure many consider it fair or even a value for what you get.

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