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Caesars Palace

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Last updated: 21 Feb, 2013
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Posted: 18 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 21 Feb, 2013
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

  • 866-227-5938 (You have to dig around their site for a while to find this number lol)
  • 3570 Las Vegas Blvd South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

Pricing and services: Okay, one of the oldest and most recognized resorts on the strip.  Caesars has been around forever and generally do a very good job at providing an awesome experience.  They're not 'budget' but not overly pricey either and they have a huge variety of rooms including smoking and pet friendly.  They also have a huge shopping mall, lots of shows, massive number of restaurants, one of the better clubs, NO resort fee bullsh*t like MGM properties, one of the nicer pools in Vegas (including a topless one, aww yeah) and a decent sized casino; they are also about as center of the strip as you get so there's a huge amount of things you can do withing walkin distance.  As the top of the line Total Rewards property, keep in mind that their table limits are often higher than the other TR properties (Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Ballys, Paris, etc.).  You will not find a $5 table game at Caesars, even at night, typically $10 or $15.  Celebrity spotting is reasonable at Caesars but nowhere near as common as at Palms; I saw Mike Tyson once; he wasn't part of my wolf pack lol.

Here's the coolest thing about Caesars that I got to experience on my trip in May 2012.  Their online booking thing offered me the option to check in via text message, I figured what the hell, lets try it since I was fine with the room I booked and didn't need to try bribing a desk agent to upgrade me at check-in.  24 hours before check-in time, I got a text that said reply to confirm you're checking in the next day.  I did.  The next morning I got a text telling me my room key is available at the bell desk and just show my photo ID.  I get there, Bell Desk has NO line, check-in desk has HUGE line.  Show my ID, I'm on my way to my room in about 25 seconds.  I was able to check out via text too.  It made things incredibly easy.

Pics of some of their rooms further down.

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Room Reviews & Pics:

Forum Tower regular room:

I stayed in this room, 6012, in May 2012.  I apparently picked a smoking room but they cleaned it well enough that I didn't realize I had done that until I saw the ash trays; so kudos on that.  The room was very clean and modern, I liked the furniture, decorating, and the curtains were electrically operated from a panel near the bed.  The shower was huge with both a regular shower head and a rain shower head on the ceiling.  The water pressure was a bit less than what you'd typically find in Vegas but still more than adequate.  The closet had a pair of robes in it.  Internet is not free, but there's also not a resort fee, so you can choose to pay rather than being forced to pay like at MGM properties.  As I've always come to expect with Caesars, the bed and pillows were super comfortable.  The view, well not so great, but not horrible.  I think a floor above 60 in that tower, or further down to the end (I was two doors from the elevators) would be much better.

Electronic do not disturb!

Bathroom electronic TV control; pretty cool!

Augustus Tower regular room:

I hope my pictures are not too dated on this; if anyone knows them to no longer be accurate let me now.  The pics were taken when I stayed in that tower in 2006 and I've stayed elsewhere since then.  At the time my stay was perfect and I slept in the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.  It was so comfortable I stripped the bed on check out day to see what they were using.  Here's the info; first is the pillows; they're part number 25783 (Hotel Collection Touch of Down Pillow) from Pacific Coast Feather Co:

For the mattress, unfortunately you can't purchase the exact mattress because Serta makes it custom for Caesars; it's a Serta Caesars 24 Karat Hospitality Mattress.  I emailed Serta though and they told me the closest retail equivalent was a specific model of their Perfect Sleeper pillow top model, so I found one that felt just like it at a local store, cost about $1500 for a king.

Anyway, enough of me sucking up to Caesars, here's the pics:

What's missing from this next picture?  Oh yeah, maybe the Wynn, Encore and Palazzo?!?!  Amazing how quickly massive buildings have cropped up over the years in Vegas.

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