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Caesars Palace

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Last updated: 08 Sep, 2015
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 08 Sep, 2015
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info: 877-279-3334

Pricing and services: 

Caesars has numerous chapel options including indoor and outdoor.  Something good that has come up recently is that as of 2012, Caesars has reinstated their policy of allowing you to pay a fee to use an outside photographer, which sets them apart from many of the strip resorts that force you to use one specific vendor for photography.  I've heard the fee is somewhere between $250 and $350.  Caesars' in-house (but third party) photo vendor is Imagine.  If you don't fit, or don't like, their chapel options, they can also hold your ceremony and reception in one of their numerous ball rooms that can be made into any size you need and customized to any look you want, for a price.  They of course are also dead center of the strip, so location is perfect.

Here's their current chapel options:

  • Classico chapel - this is their largest chapel, holding up to 196 guests.  As of summer 2010 when my wife and I were looking at every chapel option in Vegas, this was easily the largest dedicated chapel on the strip.  If we hadn't decided to hold both our wedding and reception in the same place, we probably would have used this chapel for the ceremony because we could not find any other that would have accommodated our 120 guests.  Beyond the sheer capacity though, my wife would have liked to use it even if our guest list hadn't grown to that size because she really wanted a ceremony that began after a "long walk down the aisle" and, due to the size of the room (11 rows deep), this chapel easily gives one of the longest walks.  Most of the other strip resorts' chapels tend to be either smaller altogether, or more wide than long.  I'll post some pics further down.
  • Romano chapel - this is their small chapel for parties of up to 35 guests.
  • Tuscana - this is the medium size chapel for up to 80 guests.
  • Venus Garden - this is their larger of the two outside venues, seating up to 114 guests.  Keep in mind the seating is bench-style.
  • Juno Garden - this is the smaller outside venue, seating up to 100.  The Juno Garden is more private than the Venus.

Additional information related to their wedding packages is that they have a really odd pricing structure where each package has a fixed limit on the number in the wedding party; i.e. maximum number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Fortunately you don't have to go up to a higher package just to get more if your wedding party is larger than their limits; you're allowed to add more at $100 per two additional people in the party.  I've also recently (June 2012) learned of a secret way around the limitation; apparently if you book their $300 rehearsal option, you can have as large a wedding party as you want, so if you need to add three more couples than your package includes, you might as well just do the rehearsal.  Or if you were going to do the rehearsal anyway, don't let them charge you extra for the larger party.

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  • Pay for rehearsal, get unlimited wedding party size - CLICK

Caesar's Classico Chapel:

Sorry for the bad pic; I took it while passing through in late 2010.

Caesar's Juno Garden:

The Juno Garden location has the advantage of more privacy as compared to the Venus Garden location.  Keep in mind that getting to the Juno Garden does still require passing through the pool area.  Here are some pics courtesy of burntofferings:

From the alter looking back:

From the rear corner to the altar:

At dusk:

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