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Cosmopolitan (Cosmo)

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Last updated: 08 Sep, 2015
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Posted: 17 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 08 Sep, 2015
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info: 855-435-0005

Pricing and services: The Cosmo is a very trendy gaming resort on the strip next to Bellagio.  Their particular claim to fame is the wraparound suite which is a large suite that will have room for about 30 people comfortably with great views of both the strip and the Bellagio fountains.  Cosmo definitely caters to a younger crows based on their decor, clubs, pool environment and noise level day and night when you can hear the music (from live DJ's) coming from the pool even on the higher floors.  As of early 2012, their casino comps were questionable but they're under new management so things may be on the way up.  Additionally, it is rare to find table games lower than $15 to $25, and impossible on weekend evenings, so if you like to play for comps and don't like those minimums, it might not be a good match.

Cosmo tips and negatives:

  • Note:  As of April 2012, Cosmo is actively kicking third party photographers off the property if security sees you; I can't advise using them for any services at this point because their in-house photography is mediocre and overpriced, so you're going to get screwed either way.
  • The wraparound suites require key card access in the elevator to get to the floors, however they do not have security personnel monitoring.  Official hotel policy (as of spring 2012) is wraparound suite is for six guests max.  So... if you plan to have a party/reception/ceremony in a cosmo wraparound suite, you're going to need to have someone standing by to bring guests up to the floor, preferably a day-of coordinator or someone like that who your guests can be told to look for ahead of time.  Also, with this being the case, do not tell Cosmo what you plan to use the suite for or you could find yourself not having a great wedding day.
  • See the tip from cheles93 in the links to threads section of this article for suggestions on how best to have an in-suite event without their security noticing.
  • AustralianSam's review has great info on wraparound capacity.  She had 30 in the wraparound suite and made use of the balcony, but if it had been too hot or cold to use the balcony, it would have been a tight fit.  There would be no room for a DJ at 30 guests.

Here's some further info collected by krisstyle12 and MrsCourtney in Spring 2012 regarding both non-chapel wedding locations they offer as well as in-suite packages from the wedding coordination folks at Cosmo:

  • Urban36 Suite
    • This suite is meant to be a fun, nontraditional way to get married. No aisle, no chairs, the guests stand and gather around while the ceremony is performed on the private terrace. The suite is on the 36th floor of the East Tower and overlooks the Bellagio fountains and Las Vegas skyline, offering a breathtaking backdrop and creating a new dimension in casual elegance. Urban36 is perfect for intimate weddings of 10-40 people. Select from the Urban36 ceremony collections.
  • Point Loma
    • Point Loma is a very special space that features floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Bellagio fountains and Las Vegas Boulevard. This gives your guests and you memorable sights with the comfort of being indoors. In this room we can arrange furniture to fit your needs for the ceremony and reception. It is located on the 4th floor in the East Tower, with very easy access for guests. Point Loma is great for seated ceremonies of 30-80 people. Select from the Ballroom ceremony collections.
  • In Your Suite
    • Looking to host a party of 10 or less in the privacy of your own suite? Choose the suite that best fits you and we will assist with the arrangements. The best options would either be the Terrace Suite or the Wrap Around Terrace Suite. Both allow you to close your bedroom door and host your small party in the main living space. Each has amazing terraces as well, so if your party is small enough it might be possible to have your wedding on the terrace. Select from the In Your Suite ceremony collections.

They of course also can hold ballroom-based weddings and receptions where you can custom configure the room as desired, and of course it will avoid random people on the street watching your wedding like in their 'chapel'.

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View from the Urban 36 suite on the 36th floor:

View from Point Loma wedding area:

Interior of Point Loma room:

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