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DIY table assignment cards using playing cards of the hearts suit

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Last updated: 05 May, 2012
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Posted: 05 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 05 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.

So my wife and I decided on having assigned tables for our reception, but not assigned seats since we hate that.  Since we got married in Vegas, we went with playing cards as our table assignments for the guests.  For example, a table would have a large "ten of hearts" card on it and any guest whose name was put on a ten of hearts would be sitting at that table.  We had a welcome table at the venue where all the cards were laid out.

Here are links to blank Photoshop and PNG image files in high resolution that you can use for this if you want to do it yourself.  The easiest solution is to use the Photoshop file as it has all the cards in layers you can turn on and off and add text to easily, then print on standard 8x11 paper to get normal sized playing cards.  You can also blow them up large and print one per page to make the table cards.  We recommend heavy paper.  If you do not have Photoshop, you're probably best off using the PNG files with something like Microsoft Paint; just open the image, then click to add text to it.  You can "edit colors" to pick a red that matches the cards and whatever font you like.  The only problem is for some dumb reason, Paint does not have the option to center text, so you'll have to do a 'poor mans' centering where you just add spaces to the front until it looks close to centered.  I'm including an image of how you do this in Paint at the bottom of this article.

Here are links to each of the card files:

  • Photoshop file with all the cards - CLICK
  • PNG file with one of each card (good for blowing them up individually by cropping all but one card to print table cards) - CLICK
  • PNG file of two of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of three of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of four of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of five of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of six of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of seven of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of eight of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of nine of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of ten of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of jack of hearts - CLICK
  • PNG file of ace of hearts - CLICK

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