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Double Decker Bus

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Last updated: 10 Jun, 2016
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Posted: 16 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 10 Jun, 2016
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info: 866-424-4733

Pricing and services: They offer a 72-person bus with 44 seats upstairs and 28 seat downstairs.  They do permit standing passengers so the capacity can be higher if necessary.  They're frequently used for weddings as a strip tour or transportation after the ceremony to the reception; aka cocktail hour.

As of spring 2014 their prices have gone up from the old $135/hour rate.  I've seen quotes of $445 for two hours, but I do not know if that is inclusive of Nevada sales tax of 8.1% and a service charge, aka driver gratuity, of 18%.

While you can bring your own booze, the bus does not allow glass containers of any type.  Alcohol can only be consumed on the lower level.  The bus will have a staff person who retrieves drinks for people; guests will not be able to 'help themselves.'  I've been told that you can drop off booze and money for ice day-of and they'll get the ice and stock the coolers for you but check with them in advance to confirm.

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Angela Chalupa | 27 Apr, 2014 10:05 PM
Just used DDBC and they were great. We called ahead to drop drinks at their shop, left the drinks and ice money so we did not have to deal with that later on. There was a lot of heavy traffic so we did not get to do all of our planned stops, but everyone on the bus had a great time!
Posted: 6 years 2 months ago  

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