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Fit For A Bride

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Last updated: 10 Jan, 2015
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 10 Jan, 2015
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

  • 3355 W Spring Mountain Road, Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Phone: 702-260-6578
  • Email:

Pricing and services: The owner's name is Debi and Fit For a Bride offers services related to wedding dresses and the rest of your wedding party's clothing as well.  The most popular service she offers is dress steaming, but cleaning and pressing of everything else is also available.  You can ship to her, have her pick up, do drop off and your own pick up, etc.; however, as of 2015, she no longer delivers due to issues with some hotels. 

The latest information I have is that she will still deliver to certain hotels for a fee, so it's worth inquiring if you do know where you're staying on the day you need your items returned. 

She has very consistent great reviews on TK and a large number of people use her.  My wife and I had her press/steam the wedding dress, five tuxes, five BM dresses, mom & grandma dresses, etc. and it came out perfect. She delivered to our room at Mandalay, but I'm not sure if Mandalay is still a delivery option given the new policy.

People who have used this vendor (sorted by date) and link to the review:

TK threads mentioning this vendor:

  • Delivery questions - CLICK

My Opinion:

My wife and I used Debi to not only steam her wedding dress, but also steam/press six tuxes and shirts, four bridesmaid dresses, an after party dress and a few other items.  Debi came to Mandalay with a rolling hanging cart to pick up all the clothing on a Friday morning, the day before our wedding.  She brought everything back right on time on Saturday morning.  She was in phone communication with me several times to confirm schedules and ensure I'd be in the room for the pick up and drop off.  She was a breeze to work with, pricing was very fair and service was 100%.  You can't go wrong with this vendor.

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Michelle | 03 Aug, 2015 11:17 PM
I would NOT recommend Fit For a Bride to any brides looking for wedding dress alterations. This was the only vendor that I regret from my entire wedding- such an upsetting experience. All brides that I know required 3 or less dress fittings; mine took 7 fittings with Fit For a Bride, and that does not count when I had to go to another seamstress the week of my wedding to fix/finish the work.

Throughout the alterations process, I was very vocal in my wants/needs for the alterations and was often shut down, was told the alteration was not possible or was not needed. This happened MANY times. I have never worn a wedding dress before, so all I could do was trust these women. I accepted that Fit For a Bride could not make the alterations, so signed the paper to take my dress home. I also had no other option, as I was leaving town the NEXT day for my wedding. The week of my wedding, I was forced to go to a second seamstress, who was able to make every single alteration in 3 DAYS that Fit For a Bride couldn't, or wouldn't make, over the course of 3 MONTHS. After my wedding, I called Debi at Fit For a Bride and explained my concerns and how upset I was and asked if she would be willing to compensate me for the additional costs that I had to pay for a second seamstress (I was not even asking to be refunded the money I paid Fit For a Bride for their services). Debi was incredibly rude and defensive, telling me I must have lost too much weight the week of my wedding, and once even telling me that "she will never go above and beyond for 'you girls' anymore" (yes, she was referring to her clients/brides). This is no surprise that my complaint irritated Debi, I assume because many of her clients leave her store upset. As a matter of fact, I was in the store for my 5th fitting, very frustrated myself, and overheard the women working at Fit For a Bride all discussing a separate client that had just called that was very mad, stating that she had the absolute worst experience with them. It seems I am not the only one that is upset with their services.

Even if you are considering Fit For a Bride for simple dress alterations, please read below what I had done to my dress.
- Dress hemmed (Fit For a Bride hemmed my dress too short, forcing me to purchase new shoes, and hemmed it uneven. I paid another seamstress to even the hem because Fit For a Bride disagreed with me that it was uneven.)
- Bustle (Fit For a Bride put a bustle on my dress, but the back of the dress was left dragging. I told them it was too long, and they disagreed. I then brought it to another seamstress who said the bustle was 5 inches too long and needed to be fixed. Fit For a Bride also completely left out a layer of my dress in the bustle.)
- Dress taken in (Fit For a Bride did not take it in enough at my hips or chest. I expressed my concern that my guests could see down my chest and Fit For a Bride told me on 2 occasions that it was not possible to take it in more. I paid another seamstress to do this for me correctly.)
- As the dress was being taken in, a bulge of material was left in the rib area. I will admit that Debi did try to remove this bulge, but she could not fix it. Fortunately, my other seamstress was able to fix this problem, that Debi told me was impossible to do.

Because I signed to take the dress home (again, I really did not have a choice), Fit For a Bride refuses to reimburse me for the additional expenses that I incurred due to their mistakes and unwillingness to complete alterations. The only thing that Debi offered me was a complimentary dress preservation, which I found comical, seeing as these are the last women that I trust with my dress. I was already upset with how my dress turned out, and am now even more upset with the customer service that I received, as Debi argued with me for 20 minutes after my wedding about how I was wrong to be upset. I would absolutely never willingly bring my dress back into Fit For a Bride.

Planning a wedding is very stressful, and bringing your dress to Fit For a Bride is one stress you do not need to put yourself through. I trusted these women and they unfortunately proved to me that I should not have. Do not make the same mistake that I did.
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago  

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