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Last updated: 11 Apr, 2013
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Posted: 17 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 11 Apr, 2013
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info: 1-800-223-7277 (reservations)

Pricing and services: Pretty reasonably priced rooms, clean property and the important aspect being the location, which is central-strip near everything, along with no BS resort fee like the MLife properties.

A little known aspect of Flamingo is the fact that there's a Japanese steakhouse a floor down from the check-in area where you'd catch a cab.  It's tucked into the corner there so most people never realize it's there.  When my wife and I went, it was us and one other couple.  The food was pretty good; little high in price relatively speaking but not bad.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you, or your guests, are staying at Flamingo, have everyone sign up for a Total Rewards account prior to arrival:  If you have a TR account, you can check in using a kiosk instead of waiting to talk to someone, and this can be priceless at Flamingo because their check-in lines are notoriously long.  For the same reason, if you had planned to do the ol' $20 trick and try to book a cheap room and then tip the check-in person $20 to upgrade you, I'd recommend just booking the room you want and not wasting an hour in line.
  • Currently (Summer 2012) there is construction going on on the north side of the Flamingo where O'Sheas casino used to be; it starts bright and early at 7am, so you do not want a room on the north side of the property; I think those are mostly Fab rooms.  Additionally, with the building that had been there currently demolished, that same side of the building is exposed to loud music coming from Harrah's Carnival Court until 3 to 4am.
  • The FAB rooms do not have a mini-fridge, the GO rooms do.

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  • vegasgroom (Mar 2012) - see my opinion section below

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My opinion:

My first experience with Flamingo was in March 2012; wife and I went for five nights just for fun and gambling.  We booked a GO room with Bellagio view.  Other than the Ballys sign slightly obscuring the view (we were on 24th floor) it was pretty nice, particularly at night when the fountains were going off and with Cosmo all lit up behind it.  Check-in was not bad, for those who were smart enough to use the kiosks located to the right of check-in that you can use on your own.  The other 500 or so people trying to beg for upgrades with a live person got to enjoy an hour long wait because no one can check in until 4pm so they make you wait.

Only issue we had was our neighbor's stereo.  In the GO rooms, they come with a pretty decent stereo that includes a subwoofer.  Our neighbor decided to see how loud it could go.  I'm not normally one to complain but after a couple hours I did; the hotel took care of it promptly and we had no further issues the remaining five days.  The room itself was clean and trendy, as long as you like pink.  The shower had a lot of pressure and endless hot water so I was happy.

The casino had $5 craps most of the time during the day on weekdays, the limits raised to $10 around dinner time through 1am or so before dropping back down.  However, sometimes the Margaritaville casino, which is attached to Flamingo, would have a $5 table while the Flaming was $10 and you get the same comps credit either way, so keep that in mind.  That table was also dead one night so even though it was marked $10, they let us play for $5.  Never hurts to ask.

I haven't stayed in one yet, but what I've heard is that even though the new Fab rooms are newer, the GO rooms are still nicer (larger, better amenities).


The following are pics of a GO Room, not a GO Suite, taken in March of 2012; I believe the 24th floor, with a Bellagio view:

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