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Last updated: 10 Jun, 2016
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Posted: 19 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 10 Jun, 2016
by vegasgroom.


Pricing and services: 

  • Garden Chapel (the official name, but some people mistakenly call it the Gazebo Chapel so if you're searching online, you may find reference to that as well).  This venue IS air conditioned. LINK
  • Paradise Falls - a small standing-only ceremony held at the falls in the Flamingo pool area
  • They do not have an indoor chapel option

In early to summer 2012, Flamingo, fortunately, did away with the use of Cashman photography and is instead using Imagine Studios, same as Caesars.  I believe, like at Caesars, they will offer an option to let you pay between $150 and $350 to use your own photographer but I don't know the amount for certain.  Depending on package price and what your plans are regarding photography for the rest of the day, the outside vendor fee combined with not paying the prices for certain things Imagine charges for could make paying that fee a preferable option; click the Imagine link for more info.

People who have used this vendor (sorted by date) and link to the review:

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  • Scouting trip March 2013 - Garden Gazebo pics - CLICK
  • Outside vendor fees for photography - CLICK
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