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Freed's Bakery

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Last updated: 12 Dec, 2016
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 12 Dec, 2016
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

  • Phone: 702-456-7762
  • 9815 S. Eastern Ave
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89183

Pricing and services: 

Freed's is a preferred vendor for many of the strip resorts and restaurants who don't offer wedding cake services themselves.  This preferential status often allows you to use Freed's instead of the hotel's own catering department., but sometimes it's a requirement.  You can also just go to Freed's directly if your venue doesn't have a required cake vendor and you'd like to use them.  In some cases, such as what occurred to me; the venue gave me the option of using their in-house baker or Freeds, and both would count towards our food & beverage minimum.  There were positive reviews of Freeds and that's all they do, so we went with them for our wedding cake.

Pricing varies dramatically based on what you order and for how many people it needs to serve.

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My own thoughts:

My wife and I used Freed's for our wedding cake in June 2011 and again for our 1-year anniversary in June 2012.  For the wedding, we ordered a three layer cake to feed 120 people; layers were red velvet with cream cheese, a raspberry layer with butter cream icing and a chocolate layer with Grand Marnier filling.  The cake looked perfect, was delivered to our venue on time and tasted fantastic.  The only issue we had with Freed's is that their communication is not the best; it took a few weeks to get a written receipt that specified the total amount, the exact specs of the cake and the delivery date and location.  I wanted all of those on one sheet to ensure there was no confusion on either side.  I wouldn't hesitate to use them, and we plan to use them again to order a small version of our wedding cake when we go back for our 1st anniversary, just remember that they may not be as quick to respond as some of your other vendors so factor that in and try to not stress out.  Unfortunately on wedding day I only got a chance to taste two of the layers, the other one disappeared once everyone started digging in, but I heard it was as great as the ones I did taste.  We made up for it by having them make the same exact cake flavors for our 1st anniversary; I just paid to have the smallest size cake of each type made, and they delivered all three to the restaurant we were having dinner at that night.  I handled the order by phone, spoke to them that one time and one time only, two months later the date came and they came through.

Here's our cake:

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