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Hash House A Go Go

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Last updated: 05 Jun, 2013
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Posted: 17 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 05 Jun, 2013
by vegasgroom.


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Pricing and services: There are two locations that typically people go to, one is on the strip in the Quad (aka old Imperial Palace) and the other is located downtown in the Plaza hotel, a short walk from Golden Nugget, Four Queens and the other downtown hotels.  They have some unusual food, mostly in massive portions.  Pricing is reasonable, drink prices a little high, food is pretty good (my opinion, but I've only been to the downtown location).

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  • lacih44 (May 2013) - CLICK
  • murphanzo (April 2012) - CLICK  [Great food, the rest bad, read her review for more info]

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