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Mandalay Bay

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Last updated: 30 Oct, 2014
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 30 Oct, 2014
by vegasgroom.

This includes THEChapel since it's part of Mandalay.


Contact Info: See above

Pricing and services: Mandalay has a HUGE array of wedding ceremony options, which is part of the reason they're one of the more popular wedding vendors on the strip.  Unfortunately, just like many of the other large strip resorts, they're in bed with Cashman Photography so if you get married in one of their chapels, or one of the outside venues arranged through their wedding coordinators, you're going to be forced to use Cashman.

Some of their more popular ceremony venues are:

  • "Suite Romance Plan" - this is basically a way to pay a lot more than the normal nightly rate for a Vista suite, plus letting them pick the officiant and force you into Cashman photography.  You should not use this package; just book the Vista suite yourself and hire an officiant and photographer of your choice.
  • THEChapel - their very contemporary indoor chapel options.  They have a few rooms of varying sizes, maxing out at about 100 guests.  They have numerous options for customizing this from floral, runners, seat decor, music (live or recorded), etc.
  • Valley of the Falls - this is a very popular outdoor wedding that they offer in front of a pseudo-waterfall built in a 'valley' situated at the front of the resort where most people don't realize anything is (good for keeping passers-by out).  Mandalay does post staff to keep uninvited guests out of the area while ceremonies are occurring.  Also, don't be concerned with this venue's close proximity to the strip; the falls are fairly loud and will drown out all traffic noise.  In fact, the ceremony will involve microphones out of necessity to ensure all guests can hear the officiant and vows.  One additional note, if you're searching through threads online about ceremony venues or reading reviews, Valley of the Falls is often abbreviated to VOTF, and should not be confused with VOF or VoF which is used for Valley of Fire ceremonies at a national park close to Vegas but completely unrelated to Mandalay.
  • Tropical Sunset - this is a ceremony outside on their beach; only one per day, held at sunset.
  • Shark Reef - a ceremony held in the clear tunnel that goes through their shark aquarium.  The number of guests is limited.
  • Numerous others, too many to list; the above are just the most popular ones I see used on TK.  They do have some variations that involve a reception held at the Mix Lounge 64th floor night club; those make for a very memorable event for your guests and you can't go wrong with the service you'll receive from Mix.

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  • More coming soon...
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