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Mix Restaurant (Not Lounge) at Delano (formerly Mandalay / THE Hotel)

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Last updated: 30 Oct, 2014
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Posted: 21 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 30 Oct, 2014
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

  • Reservations - 702-632-9500

Pricing and services: 

Mix is a restaurant situated on the top of the THEHotel tower at Mandalay Bay resort.  Typical bill if you have an appetizer, entree and a couple drinks will be about $90 to $110 per person.

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My opinion:

NOTE (April 2013):  As often is the case in Vegas, people come and go.  I've recently learned that the manager Michael Rabone has moved on; he was the one that put all of our wedding and reception plans into action and ensured things were done right.  I'll still recommend Mix as a venue, it's just hard to say what your experience will be like as I'm no longer familiar with any of the staff there.  A few of the servers from our wedding day we remain friends with but they've all moved on to other jobs as well; not due to Mix, mostly new careers.  I'll update my review as I hear of any new couples' experiences at Mix.


Please see my review above in the vendor reviews section (vegasgroom) for the long version, but, the short version is Mix is a contemporary American/French restaurant located 64-stories up in THEHotel.  We had both our ceremony and reception at Mix and it was I can't have imagined a better wedding day than the one we had.  Mix pulled off the ceremony setup without an issue, got our 110+ guests over to their lounge afterward, reconfigured the entire restaurant for dinner and reception in less than an hour and then got everyone moved back in.  The service was absolutely impeccable the entire night, even when our guests started to become more of a handful (thanks to eight hours of open bar from ceremony until midnight). 

My wife and I have been back to Mix four times since wedding day, once a few days after, and again about nine months later, and in 2012 twice; we'll be there again for our two year anniversary in 2013.  I'm happy to say we saw some familiar faces on our nine month trip; many of the same people who worked our wedding came over to say hi and chat with us.  I can't say enough about Mix; read my review and have your wedding there! 

The manager you'll want to work with is Michael Rabone; he came through 110% for us.

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