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Palms Place (At The Palms)

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Last updated: 04 May, 2012
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Posted: 04 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 04 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

  • 702-942-7777

Pricing and services:

Let me start by saying I do not recommend booking a Palms Place condo through the Palms; they will charge you a jacked up price, i.e. hundreds of dollars per night.  Fortunately since many of the condos in Palms Place are privately owned, you can often find an owner and book directly through them and then you still show up and check in at Palms Place like a normal resort.

The Palms Place condos are full featured condominiums with a kitchen and full size fridge, living room, bedroom and large bathroom.  They are very contemporary units with many modern features like a bath tub in the middle of the bedroom near the windows so you can soak and look out at the view.

I can't remember if all the units have a balcony or not, but if not all, quite a few do, and many of them are the wraparound type that will give you a view of both the strip and the mountains.

Palms Place is connected to the Palms resort by an air conditioned moving-sidewalk walkway between the building and the casino floor.  It actually drops you off near the Palms food court and movie theater areas.  You can easily get from room to casino in five minutes or so.

A good place to start for finding private owners who will rent them is VRBO at the following link:

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  • vegasgroom (Summer 2009)

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Here's some pics I took of the "1-bedroom" unit we stayed in in 2009; a friend owns it so all we had to pay for was the daily housekeeping fee which, at the time, was about $25.  Sorry the place is a little messy and the pics aren't very good; we had already started unpacking and throwing stuff everywhere, including beer bottles, and then I decided hey lets take some pictures lol.  This unit is on the northwest corner of the building.  I think the ideal location would be the northeast and southeast corners if you prefer more strip view versus more mountain view; for mountains, stick to the west side of the building.

The shower is actually a huge glass enclosed (floor to ceiling) area behind where the photo was taken.  It's large enough for probably six people but has shower heads and body wash wands for two people.

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