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Platinum Hotel

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Last updated: 18 May, 2014
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Posted: 17 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 18 May, 2014
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info: 877-211-9211 for reservations, 702-636-2430 for wedding-related info

Pricing and services: The Platinum is an all-suite hotel with rooms starting at 950 square feet and going up to 2200+.  It is a non-gaming hotel.  The staff at the Platinum have, as of fall 2011 and spring 2012, been pushing really hard into the wedding market and that means there's been some really great deals to be had there on ceremonies and receptions, both in-suite and arranged by the hotel.  They've had really great reviews on service as well.  One of their more interesting venues is the 100-person rooftop option with both strip and mountain views.  They also offer indoor and pool-side.

Platinum does not currently have self-parking; they are complimentary valet only; just an FYI.

If you're planning a ceremony/reception on their rooftop terrace, keep in mind the time of year and time of day for heat reasons; it can still be uncomfortably hot at night in some months.  Some discussion on this on TK is in this thread (CLICK) and average temps are located HERE.

Some notes I have on their rooms; you can get up to about 15 people in a princess suite but there will not be enough seating, and you should definitely not go over that amount.  The marquise suite will hold 30 people but you'll still have the seating issue.  Getting seating brought in from a third party vendor could be a bit trickier at Platinum since it's smaller, no self parking and staff are more attentive; someone wheeling a stack of 20 chairs across the lobby might draw attention that it doesn't draw in the big resorts.

Here is their 2012 wedding document:  LINK

A quick summary of options from the 2012 packages:

  • Misora room & rooftop terrace - this option gives you 3350 square feet on the 17th floor with rooftop terrace.  You can accommodate 80 guests for a sit down dinner in this configuration, or 100 for cocktail reception w/apps.  This option on Sunday to Thursday is in the $2500 to $5000 range.  On Friday and Saturday it's $5000 to $8000.  There is an 8.1% sales tax and 21% service charge (gratuity) on top of that.
  • Kil@wat restaurant & pool deck - this option gives you room for 120 guests sit down, up to 250 for cocktail reception; you get both spaces exclusively.  This is 5000 to $7000 on weekdays, $7500 to $10k on Friday/Saturday.  There is an 8.1% sales tax and 21% service charge (gratuity) on top of that.
  • Platinum A La Carte - you've got 30 minutes of ceremony rehearsal and 30 minutes ceremony time overlooking the strip, wedding coordinator and bottled water for guests.  The reception includes 4 hours of service, dance floor, champagne toast, you just have to pay food and beverage minimums which will vary by day of week and day of year.
  • Platinum All-Inclusive - This is for 25 to 120 guests.  You receive an officiant, basically the same room and pool deck as Misora, rehearsal, four hour reception, dance floor, champagne toast, floral, bout's and bouquets and custom centerpieces.  Included is DJ, Photo for 4 hours and video of the ceremony.  Additional photo/video may be added.  Please see the PDF doc above for info on the food options which are also included.  Cost is $8500 (Sun-Fri) $10k (Sat) for 40 guests, $10.5k-$12k for 60, $12.5k-$14k for 80, $14.5k-$16k for 100.  Other upgrade options related to bar, etc. are available.
  • Far more extensive cocktail receptions and plated dinner receptions are available, please see above PDF doc.

Some video of the Misora room and view from the rooftop:

Video of their princess suite:

People who have used this vendor (sorted by date) and link to the review:

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One of their preferred vendors is All Night Long Entertainment for DJ services.


Standard room:

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