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Plaza Hotel

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Last updated: 07 Nov, 2012
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Posted: 05 Sep, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 07 Nov, 2012
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

Phone (702) 386-2584 or email

Pricing and services: The Plaza is located downtown near Golden Nugget.  They're overhauling the entire property and are going to put some focus on the wedding market, evident by their giving it a category right on their home page instead of making you hunt for wedding-related info like most resorts.  The base package is $350 along with a 5% service charge. 

Want more good news?  Currently (August 2012) they do not charge an outside vendor fee to use your own photographer!!!

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General Information & Pictures:

My initial information is courtesy of TK member Mango Margarita:

Overall it's really pretty but intimate. Damask aisle runner and tapestry on the walls. The seating is situated a little differently with a dozen chairs on one side and two dozen or so on the other. The chairs have black satin chair covers/ties and the floor is marble, round wrought iron gate opens into the chapel.

  • They can dim the lights so it isn't so bright.
  • The lanterns lining the aisle are flameless and they will light them.
  • The candles on the altar are real and they will light them.
  • They use two different ministers/officiants. Their wedding coordinator has a questionnaire that you complete and then will refer it to the one most suited to you. Officiant will meet with you beforehand so it will be more personalized, religious, etc. I think one of the officiants is Rev. Phil Lattimore. She said his name is Phil and described him. You can also bring your own officiant. Officiants are paid cash day of, it's not included in the cost.
  • Flowers! Music!- Feel free to bring your own!! She said just burn on a CD and she'll upload it to ITunes to use. If you bring your own flowers, she can adjust the package price. 
  • I asked about outside vendor fees and no, there weren't any for those items I mentioned. She didn't say there was one for anything else either.
  • Bridal room - they anticipate completing it by the end of October 2012.  Otherwise the WC can work something out if you don't want to see each other until the ceremony. The ballrooms are just above so you could even lounge there for a few until the ceremony.
  • Hotel rooms - The WC can book them as well and if you need to cancel a few days before it's not a problem. I think there's also a discounted room rate if she books it.
  • Oscar's Steakhouse - She told me the coordinator for parties there is available to speak with in the afternoon and could customize a package. Sounded like there was also a discount there if you use Plaza's chapel.
  • Date changes - The info she gave me says there is no charge for a date change to another within the year. If you change 60 days out or less it's $50.


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