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Private Home Rental

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Last updated: 08 Oct, 2013
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Posted: 12 Jul, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 08 Oct, 2013
by vegasgroom.

An option that some people look at for their Vegas wedding is renting a private home as there are quite a few large estates in Vegas that are available to rent.  Here are some things to watch out for if you're considering doing this:

  • Many times, large homes like these are being rented by agents and not the owners, which is not unusual, the problem is that some owners have been known to allow multiple agents to have at it which has resulted in conflicting rental agreements for the same days, and of course only one person can come out of that conflict happy.
  • Sometimes owners that rent are doing it because they're underwater on their mortgage and need the cash, and you have no guarantee that the home won't be foreclosed on between the time you pay your deposit and the time of your event.  You can check if the home is at least in pre-forclosure by searching for the address on Zillow.
  • Sometimes owners who do this do so in neighborhoods where it's a direct violation of the homeowners association bylaws to rent the home out.  This wouldn't affect your event day-of because HOA bylaws are not 'law' that police can enforce, so no one will be showing up to kick you out, but if the home owner does this multiple times before your event, the HOA could put a lien on the house and other nasty things start to happen that could affect you being able to hold your event.
  • Owners that don't pay their propety taxes and then the county comes after them before your event.  Once you have the address, you can check that they're current on their taxes via
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