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The Palette

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Last updated: 30 Sep, 2014
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 30 Sep, 2014
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

  • 702-396-8681

Pricing and services: Anything floral; pricing based on what you need.  They do deliver and can set up at your venue.

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My opinion:

My wife and I used Pam from The Palette to handle our floral requirements on our wedding day in June 2011.  Unfortunately I never even got to meet her.  We handled everything entirely via email leading up to wedding day, including my wife sending numerous bouquet ideas back and forth with suggestions Pam had in response.  They were able to work out the bouquets for her as well as for all the bridesmaids, boutonnieres for me and the boys, some larger floral arrangements for what would be our 'chapel' (actually a particular area of the restaurant we rented out) and then center pieces for all the tables in the restaurant for use during the reception.

Our day-of coordinator handled everything with Pam the final day or two and wedding day, she was on time, everything was perfect and then the coordinators delivered the pieces that needed to come to the rooms so I never made it to the venue to meet her.

If you can use an outside florist for wherever you choose to get married, you can't go wrong with The Palette.

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