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Travis Allen (Elvis)

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Last updated: 19 Jul, 2013
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 19 Jul, 2013
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info: The above site is not run by Travis; as far as I know, he doesn't have a personal website because he relies on numerous entertainer booking sites to direct customers to him and doesn't want to compete with them.  So... instead of booking through any of those sites and paying their fees, you can contact his manager "GK" directly, and, I think I remember hearing, GK also happens to be his dad.  GK's phone is (office) 951-261-9174 or (cell) 951-640-5157.  His email is and so I recommend sending one email and CC the second address.

Pricing and services: 

Travis is a highly regarded Elvis impersonator that frequently performs at receptions for Knotties and 'regular folks' not getting married too.  I've never heard a complaint about his actual singing ability so I'd definitely recommend him from that perspective.  Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to have him "perform," you may just want to have him mingle with your guests for photos with Elvis, etc. 

My understanding is that he is also an officiant, so if you wanted your wedding performed by 'Elvis', he can provide that service as well. 

His fee is $250 which I've read typically includes about 30 minutes of entertainment where he'll sing songs you can select if you have any Elvis favorites, and then he'll mingle and pose for pictures with your guests for another 30 minutes.  However, recently (camillejon - Jan 2012) it was posted that his manager encouraged the bride to let her guests know they should tip him.  Anyone please correct me if this is wrong or changes.  I personally don't think someone being paid $500/hour needs a tip.

Now, last but not least, I have only ever heard one negative thing about Travis, but it's a big one, so it forces me to not recommend using him as an officiant and only use him for entertaining since your wedding day won't be harmed too much by an entertainer dropping out, but losing your officiant could be a whole different matter.  Here goes; in late 2011 his manager gave a knottie (julibopper) one month notice that Travis would have to cancel because he had secured a more lucrative booking for the weekend of Elvis' birth day (January 8th) which also happened to be her wedding weekend.  You do have to sign a contract to book him, but apparently the language lets him break it if needed....  Obviously that weekend is probably the best paying weekend of the year for an Elvis impersonator, so it is what it is.  In any case, since the possibility exists of him cancelling on you for a better paying job, it's probably best to just use him for entertainment.  Here is a link to the thread in question:  Now keep in mind I'm not recommending not using him, he has had a VERY large number of rave reviews going back years, so he's certainly top notch entertainment, there's just this one issue to keep in mind.

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Too many to list; there's probably 50+.  Here's a link to a Google search that will let you find them easily for your review:"travis+allen"

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