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Treasure Island

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Last updated: 05 Jun, 2013
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Posted: 16 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 05 Jun, 2013
by vegasgroom.


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The Treasure Island chapel seats up to 65 and is open 10am to 6pm daily.  They do also offer a poolside wedding as well as the very unique pirate ship option (aka the "songship" as they call it, but I like pirate ship, sounds better lol).  TI is unfortunately part of the Cashman Crew (a name of my own creation); i.e. if you get married in their chapel, they'll force Cashman photography upon you; more on that here.  Apparently they even try to charge you penalties if someone in the chapel uses a flash during your ceremony (reference).  Even though they'll probably say no, if you're considering them ask if there is an option to not use their photographer.

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