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Vegas Wedding Packing Lists

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Last updated: 30 May, 2012
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Posted: 20 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 30 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.

TK has a general packing list here:

Here's my own checklist that I came up with since it was Las Vegas and two weeks straight since we were going from wedding to honeymoon without coming back home:

  • All vendor contracts printed out and the wedding day schedule from Scheme Events (day of coordinator)
    Battery & phone charger cable
    Beach flip flops
    Black socks
    Boarding pass
    Cigars & travel humidor
    Dice for craps table photo shoot
    Dress shirts
    Eye drops
    Ground plug adaptor (for honeymoon with international outlets)
    Groupon & printouts
    Laptop & charger
    Laptop security cable
    Marriage license pickup number
    Tux, shirt, cufflinks, shoes, belt
    Verizon global roaming cheat sheet & support # card
    Video camera & charger
    Walking flip flops
    Waterproof Camera Case
    Wedding ring
    Workout clothes & socks
    Zip locks (large & small)

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