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Last updated: 11 Apr, 2013
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Posted: 19 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 11 Apr, 2013
by vegasgroom.


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The Venetian offers both indoor ceremonies in their chapels and outdoor ceremonies on their incredible grounds.  Their chapels, similar to Mandalay, are fairly contemporary/modern.  One minor complaint is that their chapels tend to be wider rather than deeper to get to a specific guest capacity, so if you envisioned the classic "long walk down the aisle" that won't happen here, but if that doesn't matter, their chapels and coordinators are very nice and most customers of theirs post very positive reviews.

Good news heard in April 2013 is that the resort plans to move to an 'opt out' model resort fee where you can pay the $25 for gym access, local calls, internet access, etc, or if you have no plans to use any of that, opt out of the fee and pay as you go if you need those services.

The only real regular complaint about the Venetian is that they are unfortunately part of the Cashman Crew (a name of my own creation); i.e. if you get married in their chapel, they'll force Cashman photography upon you; more on that here.  Also see below for a short recap.

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Ah, the Venetian.  My wife and I did an incredible amount of online research prior to our scouting trip that we took in summer 2010.  Based on the online research, we had the Venetian as our #1 choice because we wanted a very contemporary chapel.  Mandalay was a close 2nd but the Venetian's chapel is a bit larger and that fit our requirements better.  Well, after an in-person meeting, it kind of went downhill from there, for nothing related to the chapel itself.  If you click my link in the pricing & services section related to Cashman, you'll get the long story, but the quick version is that Venetian forces you to use Cashman photography, and before we learned better from TK, we thought there was no way around using Cashman for the entire day's photos, which Venetian quoted is as having a cost of nearly $9000.  Thanks to two years and plenty of knowledge gained by TK, we now know you can actually use your own photographer the rest of the day and just use Cashman for the chapel time when you're forced to use them.  If we had known that, things may have turned out differently with using the Venetian's chapel, but water under the bridge now.  Keep in mind that at the time, in 2010, we were told that Venetian official policy is that third party photographers are not permitted to operate on ANY Venetian-owned property, including ballrooms, the grounds and the mall's common areas; however, there has never been a reported instance of them enforcing that against any photog taking guests' photos in those areas.  So, something that probably won't matter, but something to keep in mind none the less.

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