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Viva Las Cake Pops (VLCP)

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Last updated: 28 May, 2012
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Posted: 23 Mar, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 28 May, 2012
by vegasgroom.


Contact Info:

As far as I know, they handle initial contact via email:

I'm sorry I don't have more information, normally I'd be concerned about including a vendor here who seems to only have facebook and an email address, but several TK regulars have used them recently and raved about their cake pops, so until I hear otherwise, I'm going to include them.  If anyone has further contact info or experiences to report, please let me know.

Pricing and services: 

From what I understand, they can produce cake pops in a wide variety of flavors and icings; if anyone has a comprehensive list of what they will produce, let me know.

People who have used this vendor (sorted by date) and link to the review:

  • caper18 (May 2012) - CLICK
  • camillejon (Jan 2012) - CLICK
  • Sara191431 (Oct 2011) - CLICK

TK threads mentioning this vendor:

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