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Where to have a reception?

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Last updated: 18 Apr, 2012
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Posted: 18 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.
Updated: 18 Apr, 2012
by vegasgroom.

As is the case with most things in Vegas, the sky is the limit (literally) with regard to where you can have a reception.  It can be ground level all the way up to 100+ stories high in the Stratosphere's restaurant.  In a buffet, restaurant, ballroom, club, lounge or luxury suite  With that being the case, my recommendation is to first make sure you have gone over my wedding planning where to start thread HERE.

Now that you have an idea of how you need to factor your reception venue into your planning, some popular places to hold receptions include:

  • Businesses with incredible views of the strip; i.e. high up.  These typically will be clubs or restaurants where you have to make a full buy-out to hold your party there as most do not have private rooms, so prepare to spend big $$.  Check that section of my ceremony ideas thread HERE as they make good places for ceremonies and receptions.
  • In-suite reception (aka very nice, and huge, hotel room) also with incredible views of the strip.  Some of the more common suites used for these, due to their view and size, are listed in my in-suite ceremony/reception thread HERE.  If the particular suite does not reside at a resort with catering, or whose catering you do not want to use, you can bring your own in; list of those vendors HERE.
  • Of course, the most popular place to hold a reception is always going to be a nice restaurant; I have an ever-growing list of those HERE.
  • Resort ballroom or specialty event venue.  This is often the best option if you want complete and total control over your reception, or you have an extreme number of guests since ballrooms can be sized to however many guests you need to accommodate, up to 100,000 or so.  In a ballroom, depending on your budget, you can do anything you can imagine since you (via your resort coordinator) control the decor, music, food, lighting, staff wardrobe, timeline, duration and everything else.  The downside of course is that this tends to be an expensive option if you want to go all out on the decor, since ballrooms are intentionally extremely bland by default, and sprucing them up is all billable labor and materials for the resort to put it together, so if your guest count doesn't require a ballroom, you'll often come out cheaper by finding an existing venue (restaurant/bar/club) that is decorated in a manner close to what you want that you can buy out a room in for the evening.
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