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My wife and I hired Mike L to do our photos and could not give a more glowing review.  You can click the 'vegasgroom' link up above in the people who have used this vendor section for my pages-long review of how the entire day with them went.  The short version is they were one of the easiest vendors to communicate with, whether it was day or night, emails were always answered promptly.  They were where they said they'd be when they said they'd be.  We had them shoot both our rehearsal dinner and wedding day, so basically after the rehearsal dinner, we didn't see them for 12 hours, then they were back and worked another 12 hours on site with us from the starting to get ready moments in the morning through to everyone at the reception is drunk late in the evening.  Even then they triple checked that there were not any further pictures I wanted before they left.  The results were fantastic.

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