(Tip) Save money on night club cover!

Okay, so lets say you want to save money on getting into a Las Vegas club.  If you plan to club more than once, you may want to check out my 'freevegasclubpasses' article, but in either case, if you also plan to dine at a resort that happens to house a club that you'd like to visit, you may be able to get free access, possibly immediate (aka vip) access to it without paying.  For example, many clubs are located in resorts that have great restaurants, and these restaurants are often expensive; well, the restaurants also often have some kind of relationship with the clubs located at that resort, or maybe just the waiter themselves, so you should ask your waiter if they have any kind of special deal to get you into the club you want to go to that night after you finish dining; could save you anywhere from $20+ per person depending on how many guys versus girls you have in your party (clubs like to let girls in free).

Real life example; my wife and I dined at the phenomenal N9NE steakhouse at the Palms and our server got us VIP entrance to Ghost Bar (and their other clubs) for free after dinner; no waiting, no charge, great time.

Here's another article from Las Vegas How To on methods to get into various clubs for free: LINK

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Last updated: 18 Jun, 2015
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