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The Quad (formerly Imperial Palace) began making a large effort to get into the Vegas wedding business in early 2012; smart move obviously.  While they're often regarded as a 'budget' resort since their hotel and casino offering is kind of run down, their chapel and wedding coordinators have been receiving good reviews on TK lately.  The Silver Sky chapel (previously known as Skyline Chapel when they were still Imperial Palace) is the one most often talked about but they apparently have a Southwestern Chapel set up with a desert landscape theme which I haven't seen anyone report using yet; so if you do, please let me know and send in some pics.

From what I understand of the Skyline Chapel, you can choose the color of the lighting amongst eight pre-defined colors (orange, red, purple, blue, white, yellow, cyan and magenta).  At the 'altar' side of the room there is also a wall-size picture of, you guessed it, the Vegas skyline.  The skyline picture can be covered if you'd prefer.  I've heard rumors you may be able to have them put your own choice of picture there but I'm not sure if that's true or not; anyone who can confirm please let me know.

In the pics below, the wood floor nicer looking prep room is actually associated with the smaller of their two chapels, the other prep room is for the larger chapel.  Doesn't really matter, but apparently if the other chapel is not in use at the time of your wedding, you can use either, or both, of the prep rooms.

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