In-Suite Ceremony/Reception (Part 1)

Don't forget that you're not limited to having your wedding in a chapel, or your reception in a ballroom, restaurant, or other 'traditional' venue.  There are numerous hotels and resorts on and off the strip with rooms large enough, and still affordable, to have your wedding, reception, or both in one of their suites.  This is a very popular option as it saves money over a hotel chapel, you can bring your own photographer, you can often bring your own catering in (sometimes this is against the rules but may be possible to get away with anyway), you can choose the officiant you want rather than what the resort chapel would make you use, you can often have a fantastic view depending on how high up your suite is, etc.  There are numerous reasons to have an in-suite and they're not always related to cost.

Here are some of the more popular in-suite options:

Others I've heard about but don't have much info on yet:

Some additional information specific to receptions is in my part 2 (CLICK) of this topic.

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Last updated: 17 Oct, 2012
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