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Mandalay has a huge array of services that can help keep everything in one place for a destination Las Vegas wedding, including a wide variety of hotel rooms, convention hall with ball rooms, catering, chapels, several popular outside chapel options, massive pool area with multiple pools, a real beach, a wave pool, and adult (European style, aka topless) pool, lazy river, a casino area overlooking the main pool and beach, a full regular casino, huge number of restaurants, shopping mall, several venues on the top floors if view is important, valet and limo service, free parking garage and in-room internet.  They will also charge you for nearly everything you might want to do so plan wisely if you are on a budget.

It is also directly attached to Delano (formerly THEHotel) if you want a more contemporary, upscale all-suite hotel as well as The Four Seasons if you prefer a non-gaming environment; i.e. Four Seasons has its own check-in and elevators that don't require you going through the casino or hearing the casino, but you can still access and all of Mandalay's amenities if desired.

A few notes about Mandalay, that I'll touch more on in my opinion piece below:

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There's really only two things that piss me off about Mandalay; the resort fee and paying for internet access (covered by the resort fee).  The resort fee basically allows them to advertise one price that seems more competitive, then when you check in they hit you with an extra $25/night or whatever it currently is, for mostly services you'd have no intention of ever using, and NOT including some that you might want to use, such as the fitness center.  This is common to all MGM resorts, while NONE of the Total Rewards (aka Caesars) resorts have the resort fee.  Something to keep in mind.  An additional source of anger is the fact that the fee keeps going up.  I looked through my Mandalay emails both from when I've stayed there, and advertisements I've received, and the resort fee from late 2010 to early 2012 has been raised at least twice, from $18 or so WITH tax, to $22 WITH tax in 2011 to $25 BEFORE tax in 2012; it's gone up by more than 30% in 18 months.  They just keep jacking it up while 'lowering' room prices.

Other than that, Mandalay has treated me well when I've visited, both as a guest and as a gambler (comps are fairly good but not as good as Total Rewards), and it is where my wife and I chose to get married.  We have stayed in THEHotel and Mandalay rooms, we had our wedding and reception in Mix Restaurant at the top of the THEHotel tower on the 64th floor and it was incredible; every aspect was perfect, the restaurant really knows how to throw a party and keep to a schedule.

They are an extremely popular location for destination weddings for many reasons:

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